Magnolias, 1945 Frida Kahlo

Magnolias 1945 Frida Kahlo

The inspiration for the “Magnolias” canvas seems to have come from the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe. The main difference is that in Frida’s version we only see buds while in O’Keeffe’s version the magnolias are in bloom. Apart from the magnolias, a calla flower appears, also called a water lily. This was the favorite flower of her husband, Diego Rivera, and appears in many of his paintings. It is likely that he painted it alongside other flowers to show his affection for Diego. In the center of the painting is an open cactus flower; The funny thing is that this flower is very sensitive and only lasts a few hours once it blooms. In the portrait it represents a symbol of life and death and we can see how time destroys everything. The fact that the cactus flower will die before the magnolias open leads us to think of the eternal force of time. I liked this painting for its colors and its meaning. It reminds me to appreciate every moment in this life just for the fact that it is unique and temporary. We must use the time to fulfill the main objective of life.

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