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Holidays and Carnival are just around the corner and maybe you’ve decided to dress up as your favorite Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo dress up cosplay

This is why we are giving you all the keys so you can create a realistic costume by artist Frida Kahlo.

How to make a Frida Kahlo costume

Next, we will see what elements are required to perfectly recreate the appearance with a Mexican feminist costume.

Flower or rose headband

A very characteristic element of Frida is the flower headband or the flower headdress. The artist of Mexican origin wore this outfit, as in many of her works such as her Dr. Self-portrait dedicated to Eloesser can be seen.

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Traditional mexican dress

Without a doubt, the most important thing is to recreate the traditional dresses with prints that Frida used to wear. These were loose blouses in cheerful and bright colors that were typical of Mexico. This includes long skirts, wide blouses and a scarf or scarf for the shoulders.

Passion red lipstick

Another detail that can be observed in Frida’s appearance are her lips, painted in passion red or similar. All the details are important in order to look like them.

Monkey plush

Frida was a lover of monkeys and other exotic animals, and she demonstrated this by incorporating them into her paintings, such as her self-portrait with a monkey.