Portrait of a Woman in White, 1930 Frida Kahlo

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Portrait of a Woman in White 1930 Frida Kahlo

The identity of the woman in this unfinished painting is still unknown to this day. According to the style of the painting, it can be located around 1930, the year Frida and Diego lived in San Francisco and she painted some portraits. Although she is unknown, this woman can be included in Diego and Frida’s circle of friends, although it is also said that she may be the family of the sculptor Ralph Stackpole, since the couple lived with him at that time. The couple lived with him when they were all in San Francisco. No one knows why Frida did not finish this painting. Among the speculations it is said that it could be Frida’s lover and that when the breakup came the painting was not yet finished

This portrait has a similar style seen earlier in Frida’s painting Time Flies, which she painted in 1929. In this case, the young woman wears a white dress and poses between the curtains in front of a balcony window. This painting conveys purity and innocence.

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