Portrait of Cristina, My Sister, 1928 Frida Kahlo

Portrait of Cristina My Sister, 1928 Frida Kahlo

This portrait represents Frida’s little sister, Cristina. In this illustration, he still uses the “Renaissance” mode, although it already reflects the stylistic and thematic influence of Diego Rivera. In this portrait of Frida Kahlo sister, it can be seen that the background has a small tree in contrast to the large branches in front to cause an emotion of space and depth. Frida used to use dark colors as a result of the influence of the Renaissance style with her earlier portraits. But this painting presents a marked antagonism. Frida also painted in the part of the frame to extend the portrait. The second person belonging to the Kahlo family to be painted by the artist was Cristina, her sister. The first was Adriana, her older sister, painted a year ago. In 1988, this image of Frida Kahlo sister sold at Sotheby’s for $ 198,000. In 2001 it was sold for $ 1,655,750.

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