Portrait of Dr. Leo Eloesser, 1931 Frida Kahlo

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Portrait of Dr. Leo Eloesser 1931 Frida Kahlo

This painting represents Dr. Eloesser, the doctor with whom Frida had the most confidence. The two met while Kahlo was hospitalized for pain in her right leg while in San Francisco. Dr. Eloesser was a friend of Diego Rivera and was an art lover. He was described as a short, young man who seemed to have aged suddenly and played the viola fatally.

After treatment, Dr. Eloesser became close friends with the artist and it was there that she painted this portrait of him to show her appreciation for his medical care and friendship. It is known that the place where this portrait was painted was 2152 Leavenworth Street which was the doctor’s house.

In the painting, in addition to Dr. Eloesser, you can see a small boat on the table, similar to the one the doctor owned and sailed through the San Francisco Bay. Frida asked her husband for advice when she went to paint the boat, as she had never whistled one before. Her husband replied that she could paint it as she wanted. Frida named the ship “Los Tres Amigos”, referring to the doctor, her husband, and herself.

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