Self Portrait Dedicated to Sigmund Firestone, 1940 Frida Kahlo

Self Portrait Dedicated to Sigmund Firestone 1940 Frida Kahlo

In the early 1940s, the American engineer Sigmund Firestone commissioned a self-portrait of both Frida and Diego. He paid them a total of $500. Frida gave this self-portrait to Firestone in 1940, but Diego did not finish his self-portrait until the following year.

In this self-portrait, Frida combines pre-Columbian jewelry with the typical Catholic mantilla on her head, once again showing the duality of her roots, as well as the duality of her country. In the inscription at the top right, Frida dedicates this self-portrait to Firestone and his two daughters, Natalia and Alberta:

“Mexico, Coyoacan.

For Mr. Sigmund Firestone and his daughters Alberta and Natalia I lovingly painted this self-portrait in February 1940.-Frida Kahlo ” In a 1940 letter to Firestone, Frida assures him that Diego will begin her self-portrait as soon as he finishes the murals he is working on. When she finishes her self-portrait, Frida tells Firestone that: “…we will be together again on your wall, as a symbol of our new wedding. I feel very happy and proud because you like my portrait, it’s not pretty, but I did it. with great pleasure for you.”

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