Self-Portrait with Bonito 1941 Frida Kahlo

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Self-Portrait with Bonito 1941 Frida Kahlo

Self-Portrait with Bonito by Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo creates Self-Portrait with Bonito, one of her most famous works, on December 8, 1940.

Like all of Frida’s paintings, this one has a backstory. She was in San Francisco with Diego Rivera, where she married. She, taking things from her husband’s art, began to adopt and use large and simple color areas captured in a deliberately naive style. What is the type of style that can be seen in this work. He was one of the people who influenced her the most.

Shortly after her marriage to Rivera (the second time she married the man), in ’29, Frida received the news that her father, Guillermo Kahlo, had died. After that hard news, the artist returned to her family home in Coyoacán, Mexico, to live. And shortly after her return, she painted this self-portrait.

Bonito painting Frida Kahlo

She in it she is dressed in black, showing the mourning that she was still living while she painted her because of the death of her father. On her shoulder is her beloved parrot, Bonito of hers, who had also recently died. She does not wear the usual jewelry or flowers in her hair. In this painting, Frida shows her sadness and the loneliness with which she is living a time of loss in her life.

Although she is in mourning, the background is full of life. The painting appears to be a “portrait of life and death”, a theme used in many of the author’s paintings.

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