The two Fridas, 1939 Frida Kahlo

The two Fridas 1939 Frida Kahlo
TitleThe two Fridas
Physical dimensions1,74 m x 1,73 m
Painting techniqueOil on canvas

This work by the artist Frida Kahlo was made after her arrival in Mexico, just after her separation with her husband Diego Rivera in 1939. It shows her sadness with two Fridas, referring to the two different identities or personalities that the woman suffered from. artist. On the right the more traditional Frida in her colorful Tehuana dress, the version that Diego Rivera loved, and on the left the more modern and European Frida in a Victorian white lace dress, the version that her husband liked the least.

In this painting you can see the two Fridas holding hands sitting on a green bench behind a cloudy background of clouds. Both have visible hearts that are linked by arteries. The difference between the two is that Frida Tehuana’s artery ends in a small portrait of her husband Diego Rivera, while in the Frida on the left it ends up being cut with scissors by Frida herself, staining her white dress.

Frida Kahlo and The two Fridas

In this image, you can see Mexican artist Frida Kahlo posing next to her painting The two Fridas. In the image we can observe the great similarity between it and the painting, which reinforces the great talent that the Mexican artist had for painting.

The two Fridas, 1939 Frida Kahlo

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