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Frida Kahlo Embroidered Patches Catalog

Personalize your style with Frida Kahlo embroidered patches. Each patch is an expression of the creativity and legacy of this iconic artist. Add a unique touch to your clothing, backpacks or accessories while carrying the essence of Frida’s art with you.

Frida Kahlo heat seal patches for clothing and jackets

These Frida Kahlo embroidered patches are much more than just ornaments. They are a way to bring the artistic vision of this influential artist into your everyday life. Each design captures the essence of her work, from her emotive self-portraits to her vibrant depictions of Mexican culture.

By applying one of these patches, you’re not only personalizing your belongings, you’re also paying tribute to Frida’s artistic legacy. The color palette and meticulously embroidered details make each patch a small work of art in itself.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these patches are a powerful way to show your admiration for art and culture. Every time you see them, you’ll connect with Frida’s world and her passion for creativity.

So why not customize your style and express your love of art and creativity with Frida Kahlo embroidered patches? Find the perfect design that reflects your style and carry with you the essence of this iconic artist in every detail.