My Nurse and I, 1937 Frida Kahlo

My Nurse and I 1937 Frida Kahlo

This work is My Nurse and I painted by Frida Khalo in 1937. Frida Khalo was a Mexican painter with an unfortunate life since she contracted polio and suffered an accident that kept her bedridden for long periods of time, having to undergo constant surgery. Her works revolve around her life and her suffering, painting mainly self-portraits projecting her difficulty in surviving.

Just as she was with Pedro Lira, Frida lived in South America in the 19th and 20th centuries, so she experienced territorial conflicts, different dictatorships, wars, and poverty in general.

In this painting, My Nurse and I, she can be seen as a Frida with the body of a child, but the face of an adult, she is sucking milk from the breast of a faceless woman. In the background you can see plants and a cloudy sky with rain. Frida represents herself with an adult face because she has no memories of that moment, so she represents herself as she is now. The woman she nurses from is not her mother, but an Indian nurse hired to feed her. The woman does not have her face because Frida does not attribute any of her to her because she does not have memories of her. She can also be seen as the wet nurse simply holding Frida, not hugging her or anything like that. On the woman’s chest it can be seen as a kind of cereal field, so I understand that Frida only fed on her.

Frida tries to convey to us the difficulties she has gone through in life, and as an example she shows us how she was breastfed by a person who is not her mother, for her a complete stranger who showed her no affection, in an action that is more personal. and that you need a certain connection between people.

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